Bye Bye Seoul...

After a week in Seoul, it's time to say goodbye. The typhoon Trami has been through Okinawa during the night and is aiming to Kagoshima at the moment.


I'm in the train to the airport and I just received an alert email from Korean airline, but no internet in the Tube! Let's wait for the big surprise at the airport!

I can remember the change of mood when I arrived in Seoul after being in Okinawa and zamami, the quietness of an island and the busyness of a big city facing each other.

I honestly like both but that was an abrupt feeling haha!

After an hour of train to arrive at the city center my friends Cecile and Arnaud were waiting for me at the tube station, they kindly offer me to stay at there place and that was amazing.  

The weekend I arrived was a long Holiday week-end and I had the pleasure to discover some part of the old city, some temples, some gardens with them.


Seoul is a surprising city surrounded by mountains, walking it make you go up and down the hill all the time, you need to be ready for a bit of a hiking. One day I took the bus number two, a fabulous small green bus with not that much room inside, very enjoyable to discovers some small streets of Seoul and go up the hill.


So I took this bus and walked to the Seoul tower to enjoy the view, and what a view, the mountains are fabulous and you can see all the city! A mix of modern building and old houses.


Talking about the view, luckily the flat of my friends had a terrace with a fantastic one where I was able to do some timelapse and photos enjoying a nice local beer.

The weather (after being hit by the sun during two weeks, yes I can still feel the sunburnts, this is the time when the snake is changing skin... Yes... Haha ...) Well the weather in Seoul was very different at this time of the year. Just hot as you wish with a small wind to refresh you, at the end of the day you even wonder or not if you'll take your jacket to go out! 

Temples and palace are very impressives, very colorful, I never seen that before, the ones we went were very big and you could walk around a full day contemplating the beauty of the architecture.


People around like to wear traditionals clothes, certainly to celebrate. Sometime when you walk around that give you this feeling that you are back in time. 

Day after day, Sunny day after sunny day, walking, biking the city, taking bus or metro I enjoyed it every minutes! I didn't get the time to go the mountains but that will certainly be on my list if I come back to Seoul. 

I, of course visited the busy town center with his high modern towers and new monuments, statues dedicate to the Olympics. You might call me 'classic' I still prefer the architecture of a temple or a gigantic palace full of history every step you walk.


My train is arriving at the airport now, my flight has been delay by 2h, enough time to check-in, grab a snack and continue to tell you my Seoul adventure.

That was something to wake up myself socially after being alone this last two weeks, interesting to see how somehow we all need to express ourself, I was happy to talk again in french! Haha...

Travelling alone is something I really like, there is a lot of fun part and the most important to me it's that's is all on you, good or bad decisions this is you, which is quite a good exercise to face yourself truely.  A lot of to discover ...

They are calling for boarding, bye bye Seoul that was a pleasure! Next stop Kagoshima!